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~ Tofik ~

First time i build this site is just for practice, no more. Trying build some site using html and css only. And then I try to using php, Codeigniter 3 framework is very helping me to understanding PHP. After that i learn MYSQL of course, so I can build website or app (web base of course) dinamically. Along with time i just feel not comfort if just using PHP, so I learn JAVASCRIPT. Jquery is the first time I learn. But, to much meme about jquery says Jquery is heavy, many people left jquery and bla bla bla

Wake up Dude, your journey is not finish. You must run faster to learn something else. Don't be satisfied with what you got. So i Learn Vanilla Javascript. It very satisfied for a while, cause I can handle a few thing using javascript on client side

And then .. .. ..

Boom .. ... .. !!!!!!! There is nodejs out there and I don't know how to using that, whats is nodejs? Why should I learn nodejs if I can using PHP? Oh Good, finally I just moved to nodejs and left PHP now, using nodejs is very simple and powerfull. First time I using nodejs I got a ton of headache. How to run it on server side? How to make a route? How to handle client side? AH .. .. finally i knew about express, ejs of view engine and I using that for alot of my project. But now .. .. I just learn something new, reactjs. And this site for so many times to remake finally now using reactjs

And now, i'm using NextJS to upgrading this site

If you have a question, wanna hire me, say hello or something. Just contact me from Contact Us page

Push your limit.